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Cube 2020 Aerium C:68 Rahmenset LOW carbon and red

3 799,00 €


Cube 2020 Aerium C:68 Rahmenset LOW carbon and red


You're perfected your training plan, scheduled your race calendar and collected a selection of the finest components for your dream build. The only thing that's missing - the thing that's needed to complete your perfect triathlon bike - is the ideal frame. And that's where the Aerium C:68 comes in. Developed as a pure, UCI regulation-free tri speed machine with help from the æro experts at SwissSide, we've put as much into this frame as you have into your own performance. We listened to feedback from pro and amateur athletes, pored over the results of endless simulations, and put in hours of wind tunnel testing and real-world data-logging. Read more... The result is the fastest triathlon frame that we've ever tested, period - and that includes our competition. The unique slotted head tube design acts as a spoiler, minimising the effects of crosswinds as well as reducing drag. Low seat stays continue the slippery theme, reducing the frame's frontal area for minimal wind resistance, while premium C:68 carbon and advanced Twin Mold construction ensures low weight and fantastic torsional rigidity. We even included food storage and hydration systems that are accessible from the æro tuck, so you can refuel and rehydrate at full pelt. Add it all up and it's easy to see that we've left no stone unturned in our quest for ultimate speed. Don't you owe it to yourself to realise your true potential?

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